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Cossette d'Auvergne
Name in Japanese コゼット・ドーヴェルニュ
Rōmaji Translation Kozetto Dōverunyu
Debut (OVA) Episode 01
Debut (Manga) Volume 01
Appears in OVA, Manga
Voice Actor (Japanese) Marina Inoue
Voice Actor (English) Michelle Ruff
Personal Info
Gender Female

Cossette d'Auvergne (コゼット・ドーヴェルニュ Kozetto Dōverunyu?) is a beautiful young girl whose spirit haunts a delicate Venetian glass. With delicate eyes, long blond hair and a lithe frame, her beauty is both haunting and enchanting. She was murdered by her lover Marcello because he became too obsessed with her beauty and wanted her to stay like that forever. She convinced Eiri to enter "a pact of blood" to take revenge out on Marcello. In the end she regrets dragging Eiri in to it and sends herself to slumber waking the portrait of Marcello's Cossette. Thanks to Eiri she's reborn in Shoko.


Cossette has shoulder length clear blond hair, her eyes are a bright blue color, and she had beautiful skin. She usually wears frilly dresses with ribbons in the neck and a head scarf. She is extremely beautiful and charming, so much so that her lover killed her, wishing for her beauty to be eternal.


She is a very mysterious; not much is known about Cossette. She is usually a calm person, but can be manipulative.