Marcello Orlando
Marcello Orlando
Name in Japanese マルチェロ・オルランド
Rōmaji Translation Maruchero Orurando
Appears in OVA
Voice Actor (Japanese) Masashi Ebara
Personal Info
Gender Male

Marcello Orlando (マルチェロ・オルランド, Maruchero Orurando) was a famous painter (in the anime) and Cossette's fiancé. He often painted Cossette and was madly in love with her, though that love is assumed to be based on her beauty rather than her personality. He ended up murdering Cossette. He said that he didn't want her to grow up. He didn't want her to become less beautiful. He wanted to preserve her beauty and 'stop time' so that he could continue to draw her as she was. His spirit and his destiny were both inherited by Eiri.